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Julie Kvaerndrup

 Julie Kvaerndrup is a London based vocal coach, working with singers and songwriters from amateurs to performers.

She currently runs several vocal courses at City Academy, London, and teaches singing technique at LMA, London.

 Focus on Vocals is a space where Julie helps her students improve their voices and embrace the fun and joy of singing. She aims to break down the barriers prohibiting people from using their voices and empower them to confidently sing and tap into their unique vocal abilities. Whether singing professionally or just for enjoyment, Julie loves helping everyone explore the performer within through engaging, fun, and personally tailored lessons. No more stuffy books of scales; singing should be joyful! 

 Understanding music and the challenges vocalists face is at the core of Julie’s work. She’s earned a Bachelor’s in Contemporary Music Performance and a Master's in Composition. Music has been an integral part of her life and she has enjoyed composing and performing music since a young age. She is currently the front figure in Detox from Grey, an Electro-Pop band, and is a singer and keyboardist in Viriditas, a progressive rock band. 

 Throughout her career, she struggled with voice problems and low confidence in her own voice. This greatly affected her love for performance, and she started writing for other artists instead of performing her own songs. This changed when she attended an Estill course led by Anne-Marie Speed, and she felt she had finally met someone who could help her recover from her vocal problems. Julie since then underwent a few years of training with Anne-Marie Speed, and was able to work through her vocal struggles. During this time she found a passion for helping other performers. She became an Estill Master Trainer after four years of intense training in April 2020, trained by Anne-Marie Speed. 

 Tapping into her knowledge, experience, and passion for music, Julie helps students, aspiring singers, performers, and singer-songwriters embrace their voices, improve their technique, and grow their confidence to become strong performers. 

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Vocal lessons in person or online. Julie teaches in person from her studio in Acton, West London. 

Julie is an Estill Master Trainer (EMT), licenced to teach Estill Voice Training™ (EVT) to private clients.

Certified EVT teachers are internationally recognised for their extensive knowledge of the voice, and for the innovative teaching techniques they employ. Lessons are 60 min long and all levels are welcome.



Julie has many years experience working as a songwriter and composer and holds a Masters degree in Composition from Kingston University. She has worked in various original projects, ranging from Jazz, Pop, Rock and R’n’B and is currently writing for the electronic pop trio ‘Detox from Grey’.
Julie has released albums as both a solo artist and with band. Julie is a good pianist and writes in various genres on piano and guitar and on laptop with more loop based, sampled/electronic tracks.

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"Julie is an inspiring, creative, practical teacher. Her lessons gave me joy and the confidence to find my own singing voice."

Charlotte Comer (Actress)

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Julie is available for recording of vocals both in-person or remotely. 
She has recorded lead- and background vocals in for various projects, most recently for composer Mike Bridge for his second album ‘Green Mars’ set to be released autumn 2021.


Julie is working as a voice-artist for 2002 media in London.

"Over the years I've worked with Julie I can always count on her to deliver top notch vocal recordings quickly whether remotely, or on location. Her technical aptitude is obvious from the quality of the results straight out the box, the recordings requiring minimal edits as her tuning is uncannily accurate even in the most technically challenging situations."

Mike Bridge (Composer)

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You can get in touch with Julie here.

Please state your name and desired service.

5 Alfred Road, Ground floor flat
W3 6LH

(+44) 7415884075

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Over the years Julie has been involved in various projects: including her solo project as Julie Helene, Electro-pop trio Detox From Grey, prog-rock mini orchestra Viriditas, Taiwanese indie artist/composer Kai Cheng to name a few. Check out the playlist below!

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